2016 Vendor Guidelines

Tennessee Soybean Festival Street Fair

Guidelines and Requirements of Vendors Click here for a downloadable version.   Licenses:   Food vendors must follow Health Department Guidelines.   ****Insurance:  All Food vendors and amusement rides must provide the Street Fair committee with a certificate of liability insurance naming the City of Martin as an additional insured in property damage and personal liability.****   Merchandise Sold: All merchandise sold must be listed.  Prior approval of all merchandise must be obtained from the TN Soybean Festival Committee.  We cannot promise exclusivity to any merchandise.  Omission of items and lack of approval of items sold at the fair increase your chances of being told you may not sell the item and/or you will be asked to leave the street fair area.  First time vendors at the TN Soybean Festival must include a picture of your operation.    Merchandise Prohibited:  Any merchandise that shoots any type of projectile will not be allowed (exception to the rule: water guns will be allowed).  Tobacco products, knives, Confederate memorabilia, silly string, laser pointers, smoke bombs and stink bombs are prohibited. The Tennessee Soybean reserves the right to prohibit the sale any merchandise item or product that they deem has the potential to harm the health and well-being of our patrons.   Booth Guidelines: Committee approval must be received prior to payment. Payment must be made as soon as approval is received.  Booths are filled “first come, first served” as payment is received.   Vendor times and dates:  Vending dates begin Thursday, September 8th and end on Saturday the 10th.  Vendors may begin check in Thursday, September 8th after 10 am.  All vendors and booths must be in place by 5:00 pm Thursday evening or 8:00 am. Friday morning.  All vehicles must be removed from festival area by 5 pm Thursday or 8 am Friday.  All booths, games and amusement rides will be open by 9 am Friday and 10 am Saturday.  Breakdown of booths may begin no sooner than 11:00 pm Saturday.  All booths must be open the full 2 days of the fair (Friday and Saturday).  Early departures must be approved by the committee by the time of entry deadline.  If a vendor leaves before 11 pm Saturday without prior approval, it will be noted and it will decrease the chances of the vendor being accepted as a future vendor.   If vendor has not arrived by 8 am Friday morning or notified committee of their delay, their space may be assigned to another vendor.  If vendor arrives after the 8 am deadline, they will not be allowed to bring their vehicles into the street fair area.   Deadline for entries:  Wednesday, August 31, 2016.   Tents: All vendors must have and provide their own tents. The minimum sized tent is 10’ by 10’.   Tables and Equipment:  Each artist, craftsman, non-profit organization or vendor must supply their own display table, chairs, and equipment.   ExclusionsONLY COCA-COLA PRODUCTS MAY BE SERVED. No exceptions!  No alcoholic beverages are allowed.   Security:  All booths must be manned at all times. While reasonable precautions will be taken to safeguard the vendor’s property including a night guard, the sponsors of the street fair cannot be responsible for vendor’s property.   Electricity: is available at a charge of $15.00 per outlet.  Electrical outlets are subject to availability and location according to the amount of amperage needed.  Each vendor is responsible for making connections to source, providing compatible electrical plugs and supplying appropriate sized power operating condition.  You must provide our electrician with the total amount of amperage you will need in order to provide you continuous service.  If you will provide us with the amperage we believe this will greatly improve the electrical service at the festival.   Cleanliness:  The vendor is responsible for their assigned space.  It is expected that you will leave the area in the same condition it was found.  Please bring garbage cans for your trash.   Vehicles:  No motorized vehicles (except police and emergency vehicles) will be allowed in the street fair area after 5 pm Thursday night, 8 am Friday morning and 8 am Saturday morning. There will be a designated parking area for vendor’s food stock vehicles only.  Please check with Soybean Festival committee members before parking.   Photos:   In regards to the food and amusement vendors, photographs of your area must be included with your application (send SASE if you would like your photos returned).   Walk-Around Vendors: Walk-Around-Vendors are defined as follows: Vendors who are not assigned a spot and who cannot sell competing items that the stationary Food and Non-Food Vendors sell, and are allowed to walk around among the crowd (most commonly novelty items are sold). All merchandise to be sold must be approved by the TN Soybean Festival committee. Vendor identity tags must be worn at all times.   Retail Vendors:  Retail vendors are defined as follows:  Vendors who are selling mass produced merchandise (for example, T-Shirts, inflatable toys, blinkies, license plates, etc.) or non-crafted items such as face painting, hairbraiding, haircoloring, etc.   Arts & Crafts Vendors:  Arts and Crafts Vendors are defined as follows: Vendors who are selling only handcrafted products created by the applicant.   Food Vendors:  Food Vendors who are using tents only may use the Retail Vendors Application to reserve a space.  All food vendors who have a trailer must use the Food Vendors Application to reserve a space.   Exhibitors:  Exhibitors are allowed and must follow all guidelines.  Exhibitors may use Retail Vendors Application to reserve a space.  Our sponsors of $1000.00 (one thousand dollars) or more may have free booth space.  Please contact us if you would like to be a sponsor.   Games:  Attractions involving payment for participation in the attraction.  Game vendors are required to offer prizes for customers that succeed at the game.   Rides:  Attractions involving payment for participation in the attraction.   Confirmation: All applications are subject to TN Soybean Festival Committee approval. Each applicant will be notified if approved by the TN Soybean Festival Committee. Please do not send payment until approved.  Payment must be made in advance to confirm your reservation.  Booths are filled “first come, first served” as payment is received.