Executive Director Welcome

David Belote UT

Friends, on behalf of The Tennessee Soybean Festival Planning Committee and the many, many good people who play vital roles in the production of our festival, welcome to the Award Winning Tennessee Soybean Festival. 

We often refer to the soybean as “The Magic Bean” because of its versatility in the development of a host of products. Almost daily we hear the news of another good and positive way the soybean is being used to better our quality of life. It all begins with the West Tennessee farmer who is working hard to produce those soybeans. A good part of the Tennessee Soybean Festival is about celebrating their hard work and the corresponding economic benefit to our region. West Tennessee farmers make it happen and we are proud of their many contributions to our communities.

The Tennessee Soybean Festival is also about celebrating our West Tennessee culture and who we are as a community.  Each September, we open our doors to the world and we invite all that can to come and enjoy all the goodness this community has to offer… good food, good music, a host of attractions, products and merchandise, and best of all… good people.

We say it every year… come and find the magic of the bean! The challenge is not only to find it but, once found, to spread it… to enhance this spirit of community not just for a week in September but each day and each week throughout the year!
It is my sincere hope that you enjoy the 2023 Tennessee Soybean Festival. A lot of good people have worked real hard to make this Festival the best one ever! I tip my hat to them… what a pleasure it is to be a part of this community.

David Belote,

Executive Chairperson

The Award Winning Tennessee Soybean Festival